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A Steelheader goes Tarpon fishing

For most of us serious fly fisherman there is nothing more exhilarating in this world than chasing silver, chrome fish that bite a fly and jump like hell. I can’t say a day on the ocean can match a day swinging flies for wild steelhead, however I am hard pressed to remember anything that caused the type of adrenaline rush that occurs when you see giant tarpon surfacing. There are many unbelievable places to satisfy the tarpon urge bu...

Dominatrix Guide listings

As I sit here packing for my trip to the florida keys next week I quickly realize I may not have everything I need.  I have heard the stories of tarpon guides tearing strips off rookie fisherman who just cant hit the casts in a timely fashion.  If my guide is female she would surely be a dominatrix.

I decide I need to reach into my sadsim and masochism Mr Dressup ‘tickle trunk’ and be completely prepared for total...

Fisherman's 5 with James Reid

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James Reid is a highly respected bamboo rod builder from North Vancouver, British Columbia. His rods have been described as "the closest feeling to graphite out there" which despite them being all wood and proudly so, is a testemant to the ongoing research and development he has put into hollow built bamboo. We are no longer surprised at the number of his rods that come through our lodges as everyo...

Fisherman's 5 with Sean Johnson

The Fisherman's 5 is a new series we are running here at Epic Waters, so keep your eye out for it in the upcoming weeks.  We will be asking folks who have been in the fishing industry for many years 5 questions to answer honestly.  Expect to hear from guides, marketing experts, casting champions, rod and reel builders and much more.  Our industry has changed a lot over the last decade and many of these p...

Fishing a Short Line

Skagit spey fishing

Many accomplished spey fisherman love to cast long, tight loops that sail across the river while the sun glimmers off the shimmering long belly line.  Perfect posture, effortless strokes while activating their glutes like the finest Tiger Woods golf swing in his prime.  This scene with the right light is a photographers dream.  However when the steelhead see this they typically snicker in delight.

Fishing a s...


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