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Guides Life

So you want to guide steelhead….

Fly fishing guides are always attracted to the job initially from the misconception they will be able to fish the best and most productive waters of the world.  Although you may hear about them often from your guests, you will be hard pressed to access them yourself.  Although I did once train a guide on the Alagnak in Alaska for a 7 day float trip in which he fished the entire time instead of working.  The last day he...

Don’t fish a bad cast

Warning: This post is bad advice for beginners.

In the guiding business patience is a virtue.   All guides have there own variety of “go to” phrases that flow out so naturally and often you don’t even notice them being said.  Should of been here yesterday, never leave fish to find fish, A bad day's fishing is better than a good day at work. All of these can be heard echoing along every river system in North America daily...

Pinky Out Steelheader

My buddy Lightnin' always says that when someone is being uppity or sophisticated that they are carrying themselves with their "pinky out". It is a reference to the posh tea drinker that sips all snooty like, with one pinky out, straightened and off the handle of their cup. There are many things besides tea drinking that one can call someone out as being pinky out, but only one that I will proudly claim I am dead guilty of.


Lacrosse training for fishing guides

fly fishing, lacrosse

Lacrosse is a growing sport out west, but out east where I grew up it was pushed on us harder than the french language.  At an early age lacrosse sticks were put in our hands and we were taught how to scoop up grounders, cradle, and hum an indian rubber ball a country mile.  I still love the sport, but looking back now I realize it taught me a skill set I would use the rest of my life, netting fish.

After wor...

Is your guide a stud or a dud?

Sometimes in the fishing business you book a trip with someone and they stick you with the guide of their choice.  You are often at the mercy of ‘luck of the draw’ at this point.  Its like when you go to a trout lodge and half the guides are young, fresh out of college kids, taking a year off to full fill a bucketlist dream job for a year before they get a “real job”.  You know you are going to catch less fish tha...


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