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Bulkley Basecamp: Steelhead

Phone: (877) 846-9153

Do you love watching all the other lodges head home while you are still out on the water?

Do you love having nearly every available steelhead river in play when scheduling the following days adventure? If so than this is the steelhead experience you have been waiting for. 

BBCs new venture on the lower Bulkley River has morphed into a very popular steelhead program.  Its small, intimate size sets the tone for an unparalleled ability to individually tailor each week to the most current river conditions.  If conditions are good anglers will have more options then ever before at any steelhead lodge in BC.

This program has risen slowly over the past 3 years and the vision has truly come to fruition. Steve Morrow guides and manages this camp. He brings his 15 years of experience to elevate the cohesion of this fishing camp/lodge, and adds his innovative and fresh ideas to a program based strictly on the ability to fish hard on a variety of the worlds best steelhead fisheries. 

Steve Morrow brings more than his long list of loyal clients who have fished with him all over Northern BC.  A big part of why Steve Morrow accepted the job hire was to implement a new conservation first movement in outfitting. Steve brings with him a dynamic ability to steer a fresh, new conservation movement into the future, ultimately leading the way to preserve the resources we all cherish. Everyone involved is very excited about this operation and how it is evoling each year under the helm of Steve Morrow.

This is the newest program on the Skeena system and is quickly gaining a loyal following. Epic will ensure your trip is completely tailored to what you like.  WIth a huge variety of fishing opportunities, the steelhead world is truly your Oyster. This is a world class “camp” on the lower Bulkley that gives you quick and easy access to the major confluences with the Skeena. The added bonus is the potential to add additional helicopter flyouts to the Copper, extreme Upper Skeena, Babine and other hidden gems.  This is the perfect program for the adventurous angler that enjoys camping in relative luxury. This is a brand new program that started in 2016 and is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor, with great dates, and keep them year after year.

Babine Steelhead Lodge

Phone: (877) 846-9153


If you're looking for the best steelheading on earth... look no furthur!

Babine Steelhead Lodge is located in the upper reaches of the Babine River. Situated near many of the most fabled runs and very secluded, it’s the ideal location to target big trophy steelhead. With steelhead averaging over 10 pounds, fish to 20 caught with regularity and the occasional 30+ pounder, this is truly a fly fishermans paradise.

The Babine is one of those place that conjures up images wilderness scenery and unspoiled fisheries. Images of steelhead with shoulders like linebackers are common and since the 3M videos of the 80’s, every steelheaders dream has been to reach this magical place.

Babine Steelhead Lodge itself is a little piece of paradise. Seated alongside one of the most impressive pieces of camp water in the world, it’s easy to imagine yourself waist deep, swinging a skater in the late afternoon sun while your friends sip a scotch on the porch behind you. At BSL, that’s our reality.

The lodge offers guests gourmet food prepared by our trained chef, newly renovated, comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms with hot showers and flushing toilets (in cabin). The grounds are beautiful, connected by wooden walkways and sitting in an old growth grove of cottonwood. Just out front the boats sit anchored waiting for the next days fishing.

At BSL we pride ourselves on having the best guides in the business. Being led by British Columbia staple Scott Baker-McGarva and his team while providing 2 clients to 1 guide and all in jet boats. This will be the best led operation on the Babine. 


Come fish with Epic Waters Angling and Babine Steelhead Lodge!


Copper Bay Lodge

Phone: (877) 846-9153

Located on Haida Gwaii in the northwest coast of British Columbia Copper Bay Lodge is a stand alone operation offering more steelhead variety and solitude than you will ever find again. Surrounded by pristine wilderness, this beautiful beachfront lodge overlooks the Hecate Strait.  The rivers of Haida Gwaii present a challenging, and very interesting scenario for fly fisherman.  With its ancient, old growth forests looming overhead you have to put thought into every single cast you make.  No matter how experienced of an angler you are, you will leave these islands much improved.

This lodge is slowing building a cult following.  Regular visits from Bob Clay, Justin Miller, Jeff Bright, Bill Marts, Tom Derry, Ed Exum and many other Steelhead gurus have been bitten by the allure of the small streams of Haida Gwaii. Potential for 20 pound plus tide fresh fish in small shallow creeks is enough to keep anyones spirits high even through the toughest conditions.  The great thing about this area is the variety of water available. Some creeks only fish after a lot of rain, while other fish better when the weather is dry.  That means no matter what happens you will be fishing amazing water all to yourself.

If you like to get off the grid, and enjoy swinging flies near the ocean, you won't find a better destination to try.

Frontier Farwest Lodge

Phone: (877) 846-9153

Frontier Farwest lodge has become one of the premiere destinations for steelhead in the world. Luxury meets rustic as you fish your way through 150 miles of named runs.  The lodge boasts a brand new post and beam facility and offers single occupency cabins to 12 guests a week. If you prefer to get out of the luxury of the main lodge we have two separate steelhead camps in the upper and lower Bulkley canyons. Sturdy wall tents on prime water puts you in the centre of the best water available on the Bulkley river. Fish from dawn till dusk and target aggressive, fresh, chrome steelhead as they negotiate the class 4 rapids of the canyons.  Over a weeks stay you will also have the opportunity to fish the Upper Morice river famous for its long glassy glides, and Hemingway-esque dry fly water. You can stay two nights at our Morice River Lodge, which is a remote jet boat access only facility with all the comforts of home. Crystal clear waters, you will find yourself sight casting to a multitude of steelhead. The specialized logistics, and attentions to detail make it effortless to fish through all this incredible water with ease.  No other lodge has put more effort into developing a fishing program than Frontier Farwest. We love many fishing operations around the world, but this one is indeed a very special experience that should not be missed.

Bulkley Basecamp: King Salmon

Phone: (877) 846-9153

This lodge holds valuable rod days specifically on the finest king salmon and steelhead fisheries on the coast.  By utilizing base camps (luxury camping), and float planes we have access to 3 major waterways on the coast, each offering extremely productive king salmon and steelhead opportunities. 

For the king salmon program, depending on the week, you will fish Douglas channel, Gardner Canal, and or Portland inlet for unique small coastal rivers teaming with King Salmon.  Out of our main lodge in Smuthers we also target kings at the mouth of major tributaries on the upper Skeena. This operation is the only guided service offering trips to the upper Skeena for king salmon. The skeena fish move through the lower river quickly but after they make it to Kitwanga the bright fish slow down and hold in picture perfect spey water. 

Bulkley Basecamp's niche is bringing you high end trips to unique coastal rivers where you spey fish for tide fresh chinook in small, intimate rivers.  This experience represents the finest king salmon on the fly fishing available anywhere in North America.  Get away from the crowds and live riverside in style. The lodge will go to great lengths to put you on water that has limited angling and guided pressure.  Bulkley Basecamp holds the best classified rod days for king salmon on the fly in BC.  If you love the outdoors and enjoy fishing rivers that you can have all to yourself, inquire about one of our summer camps.

For steelhead Bulkley Basecamp has set up a signature camp on the lower Bulkley strategically placed to access the Skeena, Bulkley canyons, and offer short heli trips to the Babine river, and extreme upper Skeena.  Since every week in the fall runs the risk of a rainstorm - blow out,  our guests also have days available on the Morice river.  The Morice rarely ever blows out ensuring all our steelheaders get out and fish good water day in and day out. If you appreciate long days on the river, incredible camp water, exclusive rivers and the best variety steelhead package in BC you will want to hit this camp up for a week. 


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